Fly Fishing for Beginners

Fly Fishing for Beginners

In case you’re thinking of giving fly fishing a try, you may find yourself perplexed by various problems such as selecting a lure, an appropriate rod and line, as well as learning the techniques required for this kind of fishing. This can, no doubt, be somewhat difficult for a beginner, but there are a few basic pointers you can follow that will make the learning process simpler and more gratifying.

The Perfect Lure

So, you’ve had a trip to the local fly store and picked out the lure appropriate for the fish you intend to catch. What you need to be mindful of is that it’s very likely you could cast that bait, and the fish still won’t bite. Casting that same bait over and over again isn’t very productive if the fish have shown no interest in it. Instead, have a couple of backups ready and throw one in after waiting for 5-8 minutes. Remember, fish can be much pickier and smarter than we expect.  Here is a look at some of the lures.

The Bigger The Fish, The Bigger The Rod

It’s important to use a fly rod appropriate for the size of the fish you’re going for. For example, 4-6 rods are good for average-size trouts, but if you’re fishing for something bigger, such as largemouth bass, it’s best to use a heavier 5-9 rod. Feisty or heavy fish require a rod that can withstand their weight and the force or their pull. Weather conditions and the size of the body of water are also an important factor: stiffer winds and larger bodies of water require heavier rods for casting to be possible.

Practice First, Fish Later

Perhaps you already have a perfect fishing spot in mind, and are just itching to get out there and start fishing. Don’t do that. At least not before you’ve done enough practicing to be sure casting won’t be a major issue. It’s easier and less frustrating to practice your casting on land first, and you can even do it right in your backyard. Make sure to get those standard and roll casts right – there are plenty of instructional videos online, but it’s even better if you have someone experienced in fly fishing to show you.

Know Your Fish

Gather as much information as you can on the fish you’re looking to catch. Not only their size and weight, but also their behavior, where they like to hide and how easily they spook. Analyze the water and figure out which spots the fish usually gather in, and if there are any objects making a break in the current or likely to be hiding spots for the fish, cast there first. It pays to strategize rather than cast blindly and hope for fish to happen by your lure.

5 of the Best Places to go Fishing in the US

5 of the Best Places to go Fishing in the US

Fishing is both an economic activity and recreational vacation in the US. When you are planning any trip you will need right marine accessories and proper selection of a correct fishing location. Location can be a critical factor in deciding how successful the fishing activity becomes. Fortunately, there are several fantastic locations to choose from in the US; fishermen can choose their areas based on their species of fish they wish to catch. For example, those who wish to catch blue marlin fish should consider heading to Bermuda, for the country is known to be one of the best places for fishing blue marlin fish species, that weigh at least a thousand pounds.


Alaska, called “The last frontier” according to many fishing enthusiasts who have been there. Some even refer to it as fisherman’s heaven. If you have the stamina to go for a sea adventure, then Alaska is the place for you. It has 3,000 rivers and 3 million lakes that you can choose from. You can possibly catch here over 627 different species which is certainly a bountiful harvest for any fishing enthusiast.


The Mississippi marches run all the way to Louisiana and are the ideal location for those who wish to spend their vacations fly fishing. The marshes of Mississippi have plenty of red drum fish species which are perfect for fly fishers. The wetlands contain other fish species such as black drum and sea trout.


Louisiana is another ideal place to go fishing. It is a home for the famous popular fishing competition including Coastal Conservation Society Statewide Tournament and also STAR or Anglers Rodeo. These two games are famous to all the fishing sports enthusiast. Louisiana as a site offers a variety of deep blue sea adventure to inland fishing grounds.


Florida is also a perfect location for one of the most prestigious fishing competitions which are the Metropolitan South Florida Fishing Tournament. Particularly, this competition already runs for several months now attracting some enthusiasts and even reaching almost 50, 000 of the competitors in every tournament. This state is also known as the leading fishing capital of the world because you could easily catch a variety of fishes from mackerel, kingfish, and barracudas.


California state gives you two options both the inland fishing and also the deep blue sea adventure. This state has 3,131 different lakes to choose from and 840 miles of the coastal area. It offers a variety of salmon, the sea bass, the yellowtail and even the famous blue fin tuna.

When planning to go fishing in the parts of the US, you now have a clue. It is possible to get even more in the Alaska, California, Mississippi, Lousiana Florida and many other good places.